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Business with Us

CollegeWorksUSA is a for-profit Benefit Company.

It operates using the Technology of QuantumCash and Earning Social,
each of which are also Benefit Companies.

About a Benefit Company

CollegeWorks USA is established as a Benefit Company, which means that it can give away an unrestricted amout of money. A Benefit Company is unique in that it is a hybrid between a non-profit and a for-profit entity. It is permitted to make a profit, but unlike a strictly for-profit corporation, a Benefit Company is permttied to give away unlimted funds. A non-profit is generally prohibited from making a profit, and therefore is often limited to operating solely on donations. CollegeWorks USA and Earning Social are committed to the theme and purpose of Earning Social, which is, Where Everything We Do Has a Positive Social Impact."


QuantumCash, LLC
is the provider of a proprietary cash rewards platform. More information about QuantumCash can be found that:


Earning Social
is the Company's online shopping portal that features over 2,000 major national online retailers. More information about earning social can be found at: www.Earning.Social

Let's Collaborate

Our company is always open to collabration and alliances. However, we must limit the number of projects we undertake at once.

If your company is interested in doing business with QuantumCash or Earning Social, or CollegeWorks USA, on a corporate level, please go to this page and complete our Conference Call Request Form:

How to Do Business or Engage with a Benefit Company