Growing Your Social Universe And Your Financial Knowledge Base Could Change Your Future


So you can EARN MORE & DO MORE! TM

When you become an official member of CollegeWorks USA, we will provide you will tools that you can use to Grow Your Universe using social media.

While we know that you already know how to use social media, we are going to give you some helpful tools, to save you time, and to help you Earn More & Do More!

We might even include some Social Media Etiquette tips, that everyone can benefit from.
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CW-USA can be your Digital Life Coach™

Providing specific resources for success!

Having a mentor is just plain smart. But it is not always possible when you are in school. That's where having a Digital Life Coach can help you plan your life and plan your finances.

Based on the feedback of dozens of college students who participated in on-campus focus groups, we have developed an optional self-taught series of online mini-courses . They are called Brilliant Subscriptions and they contain remarkable information that will give you the financial acumen that you need to succeed.

We call it Your GPS for Life.

Get serious about LIFE....before you graduate!

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Grow Your Financial Knowledge Base

This is critcal for life success! can represent the Crown of Victory for you in financial knowledge.

Personal Motivation comes from within, but how do you get the spark each day? How do you focus when there are so many disctractions?

The resources in this program are life-long, and include Digital Financial Calculators that be used to calculate everything from how much insurance you will need, to how to retire in comfort.

Plus, there are Business Tools that enable you to determine how much a business is worth

And if you are REALLY into finance, we'll show you how to set up your own Financial Services Business, backed by one of America's biggest players in the field.

This Digital Financial Resource Subscription is a GOLDMINE of Financial Knowledge that can make you appear to others to be a Financial Genius! Who knows, maybe with this program you will become one!

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